The Content Strategy Package

Agency quality content strategy – for small businesses and solopreneurs
– at an affordable price


A small business owner who needs to come up with ideas for content on your website and social media on a regular basis. You are hardworking, passionate about your biz, but busy busy busy running the day to day, and could use someone on your team coming up with ideas for fresh content.


Goal is to support small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and thrive! Also: literally can not stop coming up with ideas if life depended on it! Responds to the moniker “Idea Generating Machine”. Loves research with a fiery passion. Here to help you.


A robust content strategy spreadsheet, delivered to you as a google spreadsheet that you can (also) use as a living content calendar.

Want to know a little bit more?

What you get: the details


  • Weekly themes for your business for the next three months; and a sample content calendar to plug and play your content (google spreadsheet), as well as relevant blogging topics for your niche
  • Researched keywords to build into your SEO strategy, as well as relevant hashtags for your niche
  • Competitor research – who are your competitors, and where are they best connecting with your audience? This includes an “influencer” list of leaders that you should consider engaging with on social media; and possibly seeking to collaborate with.
  • Content categories and content audit – what types of content are resonating with your audience?
  • 3-5 ideas for lead generators you can create in order to help solve your customer’s problems and build out your list

How it works:


+ After you purchase your package, you fill out a short survey detailing your brand, your current social media and marketing channels, and your brand goals. (Plan to spend about 30 minutes filling this out.)

+ Once I receive the survey, I go to work! Content strategy is largely a research based process, and typical turnaround is 1 – 1.5 weeks.

+ Once she’s spiffy, I email you access to the spreadsheet, and answer any questions you may have by email, and we go over the spreadsheet in our follow up strategy call (60 minutes).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

Because each content strategy package is custom, one time packages can not be refunded. Packages are non-transferable.

What if I hate spreadsheets?

What kind of person are you?!?! (JUST KIDDING!) While the easiest way to deliver this content is in spreadsheet form (it’s a living document!) you may also request delivery as a PDF (it will not be fillable though!)

What is the typical turnaround time?

The typical turnaround time from when you click purchase to when you receive your spiffy spreadsheet is usually 1-1.5 weeks from when you fill out the survey. Occasionally scheduling makes this difficult, but in the case that it will take longer, we’ll let you know ASAP!